Triple Crown 2017 Canada and Who Brought It Home

There are many exciting horse racing events throughout Canada each year, and they all keep race bettors on their toes for making sure they slot in the time to place their bets. One of the most exciting of all of these for this year was the Triple Crown 2017.

For those that are new to what the Triple Crown is about it is a series of three races that are run which are the Queen’s Plate, Prince of Wales, and the Breeders Stake. All three races are run under different track conditions. For the triple crown 2017 the winners are as follows….

Queens Plate

The winner here was Holy Helena. This is one beautiful filly. It was an exciting July 2nd for sports better who placed their money on Holy Helena at the triple crown 2017 at Woodbine race track. This horse ended up bringing in a million dollars to the Stronach Stables with the victory run.

Prince of Wales

Cool Catomine was the name being hailed over the loud speaker as the winner of this race that made up part of the triple crown 2017 event. This is an Ontario cold that was born in 2014 qualifying him as a three-year-old entry that came out the winner.

Breeders Stake

Channel Maker was able to bring in $400,000 for its barn in the Triple Crown 2017 event. Ridden by jockey Rafael Hernandez to the finish line. For those that were placing their bet on this horse with the 8/5 favourite as the odds, they were most pleased with the outcome.

This three race event is for Canadian three-year-olds and being a winner in any one of them sets them up for a very bright future on the racing scene and also for the breeding industry. It is also a most exciting event for sports betters as well as race enthusiasts.

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