Just a Few of the Many Famous Canadian Race Horses

Horse racing is something that many Canadians love to watch and Canada, on the whole, is a world leader when it comes to hosting many impressive horse races. Many spectators love to not only watch the horses race but take great pleasure on betting on them.

With there being so many race horses in Canada, avid bettors on the races will pay attention to the blood lines of the horses.

Northern Dancer

No comment about famous Canadian race horses could be made without mentioning the name Northern Dancer. This is perhaps the most famous Canadian thoroughbred horse to be born in Canada that created a major stir on the racing circuit. Among his many accolades, he is ranked in the top 100 thoroughbred champions of the 20th century in the US. Following those that he sired over the years, it led to 411 of them being winners.


An offspring of Northern Dancer this beauty became the Canadian horse of the year in 1970.

Cam Fella

This horse was well known as the “The Pacing Machine”. When it came to harness racing this is a horse that will long be remembered for his performance. One could say that as a sire he became dominant in his era of time.


This thoroughbred race horse was bred and owned by Jean-Louis Levesque. His blood line was comprised of being sired by Buckpasser and his mother was Fanfreluche which goes back into the Northern Dancer line. Among the horse’s many accomplishments were the Sovereign Award as two-year-old Canadian champion, plus Horse of the year 1974.

There are just a few well-known race horses that stand out in the racing history of Canada. There are many that have been inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame for race horses. Canadian race horse breeders are continuously striving to produce the best of the best.

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