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Just a Few of the Many Famous Canadian Race Horses

Horse racing is something that many Canadians love to watch and Canada, on the whole, is a world leader when it comes to hosting many impressive horse races. Many spectators love to not only watch the horses race but take great pleasure on betting on them.

With there being so many race horses in Canada, avid bettors on the races will pay attention to the blood lines of the horses.

Northern Dancer

No comment about famous Canadian race horses could be made without mentioning the name Northern Dancer. This is perhaps the most famous Canadian thoroughbred horse to be born in Canada that created a major stir on the racing circuit. Among his many accolades, he is ranked in the top 100 thoroughbred champions of the 20th century in the US. Following those that he sired over the years, it led to 411 of them being winners.


An offspring of Northern Dancer this beauty became the Canadian horse of the year in 1970.

Cam Fella

This horse was well known as the “The Pacing Machine”. When it came to harness racing this is a horse that will long be remembered for his performance. One could say that as a sire he became dominant in his era of time.


This thoroughbred race horse was bred and owned by Jean-Louis Levesque. His blood line was comprised of being sired by Buckpasser and his mother was Fanfreluche which goes back into the Northern Dancer line. Among the horse’s many accomplishments were the Sovereign Award as two-year-old Canadian champion, plus Horse of the year 1974.

There are just a few well-known race horses that stand out in the racing history of Canada. There are many that have been inducted into the Canadian Hall of Fame for race horses. Canadian race horse breeders are continuously striving to produce the best of the best.

Taking a Look at Canada Famous Racetracks

Canada is a country that has a very big horse racing industry. In order to accommodate this, there are many racetracks throughout the provinces of the country. Many are small and cater to their local communities but there is also a selection of some very big ones that are very well known.

Woodbine Race Track

What makes this race track so famous aside from its history in the horse racing industry is that it has the ability to host both thoroughbreds as well as standardbred racing events all on the same day. It is considered to be the only horse track in North America that has facilities big enough to do this.

Going way back in time this particular racetrack originally resided within the city of Toronto, on Woodbine Avenue. As the city grew it seemed more plausible to have a bigger track in what was then known as Etobicoke on the outskirts of the city.

Out of the many prestigious racetracks in Canada, the Woodbine Race Track has held some grand events.

  • Hosting event for 1976 Summer Olympics
  • The Breeders Cup
  • Arlington Million
  • Received a visit from Queen Elizabeth II.

Mohawk Raceway

This is the sister racetrack to Woodbine Race Track. It is only 30 miles away from the Woodbine venue and is owned by the same Company which is the Woodbine Entertainment Group that was originally the Ontario Jockey Club. This is a well-known harness racing track.

Fort Erie Racetrack

What makes this track so popular is its close proximity to the US border. It is owned by E.P. Taylor and really what it brought it to fame was that Taylor was responsible for introducing the Canadian Triple Crown.

With there being so many racetracks throughout Canada it means that no matter where one lives or they happen to be visiting, they will surely find a quality racetrack to enjoy.

250 Year Celebration for Canadian Horse Racing

Every industry has its own milestones and the Canadian Horse Racing Industry is no different. One of the most important ones of these is horse racing celebrates its 250th year in Canada. This is taking place in 2017 and it will be marked as a very special event across Canada.

For those visiting many of the race tracks and enjoy the time when horse racing celebrates special events, they will have certainly enjoyed the time between June 30th and July 2nd. This is when many of the race tracks across Canada hosted celebratory events such as flag raising and honouring individuals throughout the racing industry.

Every anniversary is important in most industries but with this being the 250th year horse racing celebrates in Canada it makes it a very special one. The event organizers have worked very closely at bringing everyone within the industry together to make this one common adventure.

The beginnings that led up to this latest anniversary goes way back to 1767 when the Plains of Abraham in Quebec City was a location for a horse race. The purse for this race amounted to $40. Such was the excitement that this horse race created that from that point on horse racing in Canada began to grow into the amazing industry that it is known as today.

One of the biggest parts of this horse racing celebrates events for the 250 year anniversary the industry launched a “250 miles for 250 years” projects. This consists of logging 250 miles on a commemorative basis. It is meant to pay homage to the various communities across Canada who have committed so much to the horse racing industry. The goal was to garner as many of the commemorative miles over the anniversary weekend.

One thing can be said about Canadians that certainly holds true and that is that they know how to celebrate in a big way.

News About the Ontario Horse Racing Industry Association

Horse racing is a big industry in Canada and is prominent in almost every province. Based on this there are associations that have been formed to govern and support the industry. Originally for Ontario, the entity that took on this responsibility was the Ontario Horse Racing Industry of Ontario.

In April of 2016, the responsibilities of governing the horse racing sector in Ontario was transferred over to Ontario Racing.

Ontario Racing as aptly taken up the challenge of overseeing the racing of horses in Ontario very effectively. They have a website that provides a wealth of information to all those that have an interest in the Horse Racing sector as it pertains to Ontario. Their actual office is located in Toronto.

Aside from providing information about horse racing this organization has the mandate of keeping the sport alive and vibrant. One of the ways that they do this is by encouraging horse ownership for the purposes of racing.

The type of information that can be found through the Ontario Racing organization are various reports that pertain to this industry. This organization can be called the watch dog for horse racing in Ontario. They offer plenty of industry information including was events are upcoming along with the schedules. For those who are interested in race results, this is the place to find them.

Not only does the organization cater to the insiders of the industry they go out of their way to provide information for racing fans. Basically what it comes down to is if anyone wants to know something about the horse racing industry in Ontario then this is the organization to come to.

It is held in high esteem by all those that are involved in this sport and it can be relied upon to keep everyone informed with accurate information and important happenings.

A Little About the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame

Canadians are very high on their horse racing events and are extremely proud of its history. To memorialize many of the highlights of this sport the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame was created.

The main horse racing industry in Canada is made up of thoroughbreds and standardbreds. There are many that are most enthusiast about this industry and a group of these individuals really wanted to develop a way to honour the industry. This was a group of people from all walks of life such as officials, broadcasters, and people in the media.

What concerned this group the most is that many outstanding achievements and happenings within the racing world were being forgotten about as the years passed by. Their idea of a solution this was Hall of Fame and it certainly turned out to be the ideal problem solver. It came into being in 1976, after three years of planning for it, and recently this entity celebrated the 250th year of horse racing in Canada.

Although the concept of the Hall of Fame was born in 1973 it really didn’t have an official brick and mortar establishment until 1997. It was then that the Ontario Jockey Club stood up to the plate and provided a location for this establishment at the Woodbine Racetrack, free of cost.

The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame pays homage to many different components of the Canadian racing scene such as the horses themselves, as well as trainers, drivers and even builders.

This organization has implemented an online gift shop that many racing enthusiasts enjoy being able to buy different industry related items. Organizers for the Hall of Fame host many different types of events like the Induction Gala and fundraisers for their organization.

There is no doubt that many Canadians appreciate the insight of the founders of the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.

Thoroughbred Racing and the Canadian Triple Crown

The name triple crown gives you some indication as to what the triple crown is. The Canadian Triple Crown is three races of the thoroughbred horses that takes place in Canada. This race is broken down into three series.

Queen’s Plate

This racing series takes place on 1 1/4 mile track that is comprised of tapeta. This is an all weather type of turf that the surface of the track is made of. This series of the Canadian Triple Crown takes place at Woodbine Racetrack in Ontario, Canada.

Prince of Wales Stake

The second segment of the Triple Crown for Canada takes place at the Fort Erie Racetrack that is in Fort Erie, Ontario, and is a 1 3/16 mile race on a dirt track.

Breeders Stake

The final face of this three series race is held at the E.P. Taylor Turf Course that is also located at Woodbine Racetrack. It is run on turf and consists of a 1/2 mile run.

The rules of entry include the horses being three-year-olds that were born in Canada, but they can also be geldings.

This is a racing event that has a long history in Canada. 2017 was the 158th race of the Queens Plate Stakes, the 82nd year for the Prince of Wales Stake, and the 126th year for the Breeders Stake.

This most exciting event for horse racing enthusiasts began in 1959. Over the years there have been some very impressive winners and it is a title that those in the Canadian racing industry that owners, trainers, and jockeys certainly crave for.

In the 2017 racing event, Holy Helena was the winner of the Queens Plate, Cool Cantomone took the Prince of Wales and Channel Maker was the winner of the Breeders Stake.

To date, there has only been one jockey to bring in the winning horses in all three races and that was Luis Contreras riding different horses.

Taking a look at Canada Horse Racing Betting

Canadians thoroughly enjoy many different forms of entertainment and close to the top of their list of favourites is horse racing betting. If you are more into online betting we suggest where you can find in-depth analyzes and reviews.

This form of gambling activity has been around for many years and there is no signs that its popularity will dwindle in the future at least when it comes to people in Canada wanting to keep it active. For many, it used to be that every Sunday would be the day that the adults of the family would get dressed in their best finery and head off to the racetrack for an afternoon of enjoyment and to take advantage of the possibility of winning some money from placing bets.

Throughout Canada, there are many horse racing tracks with Woodtrack Race Track being the most significant, and just a few of the others are:

Now with the advantage of the internet, many horse racing enthusiasts can do their betting on line which allows them to enjoy this sport anytime from anywhere. Although for many the real excitement comes from being able to watch the horses race up close.

For Canadians, the most common type of horse racing is the thoroughbreds and the standardbreds. Woodbine has become so well known in this industry because of the different types of racing events that they have hosted over the years. In fact, in 1996 the Breeder’s Cup World Champion was held here. Then when looking at history regarding this particular track, the oldest thoroughbred race throughout North America is held here which is the Queen’s Plate. Other races that take place at this track are…

  • Breeder’s Stakes
  • Richol Woodbine Mile
  • Prince of Wales Stake

As well as many others. These are all big purse races but many of the smaller tracks host much smaller and local race events.

Triple Crown 2017 Canada and Who Brought It Home

There are many exciting horse racing events throughout Canada each year, and they all keep race bettors on their toes for making sure they slot in the time to place their bets. One of the most exciting of all of these for this year was the Triple Crown 2017.

For those that are new to what the Triple Crown is about it is a series of three races that are run which are the Queen’s Plate, Prince of Wales, and the Breeders Stake. All three races are run under different track conditions. For the triple crown 2017 the winners are as follows….

Queens Plate

The winner here was Holy Helena. This is one beautiful filly. It was an exciting July 2nd for sports better who placed their money on Holy Helena at the triple crown 2017 at Woodbine race track. This horse ended up bringing in a million dollars to the Stronach Stables with the victory run.

Prince of Wales

Cool Catomine was the name being hailed over the loud speaker as the winner of this race that made up part of the triple crown 2017 event. This is an Ontario cold that was born in 2014 qualifying him as a three-year-old entry that came out the winner.

Breeders Stake

Channel Maker was able to bring in $400,000 for its barn in the Triple Crown 2017 event. Ridden by jockey Rafael Hernandez to the finish line. For those that were placing their bet on this horse with the 8/5 favourite as the odds, they were most pleased with the outcome.

This three race event is for Canadian three-year-olds and being a winner in any one of them sets them up for a very bright future on the racing scene and also for the breeding industry. It is also a most exciting event for sports betters as well as race enthusiasts.