A Little About the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame

Canadians are very high on their horse racing events and are extremely proud of its history. To memorialize many of the highlights of this sport the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame was created.

The main horse racing industry in Canada is made up of thoroughbreds and standardbreds. There are many that are most enthusiast about this industry and a group of these individuals really wanted to develop a way to honour the industry. This was a group of people from all walks of life such as officials, broadcasters, and people in the media.

What concerned this group the most is that many outstanding achievements and happenings within the racing world were being forgotten about as the years passed by. Their idea of a solution this was Hall of Fame and it certainly turned out to be the ideal problem solver. It came into being in 1976, after three years of planning for it, and recently this entity celebrated the 250th year of horse racing in Canada.

Although the concept of the Hall of Fame was born in 1973 it really didn’t have an official brick and mortar establishment until 1997. It was then that the Ontario Jockey Club stood up to the plate and provided a location for this establishment at the Woodbine Racetrack, free of cost.

The Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame pays homage to many different components of the Canadian racing scene such as the horses themselves, as well as trainers, drivers and even builders.

This organization has implemented an online gift shop that many racing enthusiasts enjoy being able to buy different industry related items. Organizers for the Hall of Fame host many different types of events like the Induction Gala and fundraisers for their organization.

There is no doubt that many Canadians appreciate the insight of the founders of the Canadian Horse Racing Hall of Fame.

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